Have You Applied For a Food Licence Certificate Registration For Your Dream Restaurant Yet? Assess the Procedure With Indian Salahkar

Have You Applied For a Food Licence Certificate Registration For Your Dream Restaurant Yet? Assess the Procedure With Indian Salahkar

Have You Applied For a Food Licence Certificate Registration For Your Dream Restaurant Yet? Assess the Procedure With Indian Salahkar


Do you want to kick start your restaurant business but find the technicalities of paperwork challenging to deal with? Don't let the formalities of the registration process dull the sparkle of your dream business. Gear up and take the first step of your enterprise by applying for Food License Registration Certificate with Indian Salahkar, the face of credibility for providing timely and efficient quality services to its clientele. Food license registration certificate is an initiative by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)/FOSCOS to prevent food adulteration and the selling of poor-quality food in all food business operators, including restaurants, eateries, canteen and more. From information about food safety, regulations, quality purity & other vital factors, FSSAI/FOSCOS strengthens customers' trust in the food products they buy. Get the registration of your restaurant business done by Indian Salahkar following all the Food Safety and Standards Act guidelines, 2006. Charter the cart of your dream project and shine like a star in the crowd. Choose a leading business accountancy firm in India like Indian Salahkar to upskill your business with all the required formalities. Our business consultancy firm will handle all the procedures and legalities; when our team of experts backs you, there is no space for error.

We have pooled our expertise in the field of business consultancy firms for our company's unity, integrity and work ethics to help people with strategic solutions to deal with challenging issues. We show the way you steer and build the business. Achieve exponential success in your business and create brand equity under step-by-step guidance from our professionals. Due to the emergence of numerous food chain industries, it became difficult to measure quality control by departments assigned by the government. FSSAI/FOSCOS was set up considering the importance of monitoring food safety registration and regulation in India. All food manufacturers are required to have an FSSAI license to function in the market. The FSSAI/FOSCOS License ensures the quality of the food at your Restaurant. Whether it's a restaurant's menu or pamphlets, the FSSAI/FOSCOS logo adds a grandstand value and increases the Restaurant's credibility. FSSAI/FOSCOS also helps in the business expansion and standardization of your Restaurant's kitchen operations. FSSAI/FOSCOS Registration is equally vital and mandatory for restaurants to obtain. If your Restaurant's turnover is more than 20 crores per annum, then you need to apply for a central license, and the registration fees are higher than others with a lower turnover per annum. If your Restaurant's turnover is upto 20 crores per annum, you are required to apply for a State license.

Run your dream business and achieve heights of success with an FSSAI/FOSCOS registration to avoid legal hindrances in future.There are numerous benefits of having a food safety license, such as:


  •  The FSSAI/FOSCOS, or Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, launched a Food Licensing & Registration System (FLRS), an online application to facilitate Food Business Operators (FBO) in India to apply for License/Registration Certificates and track their applications during processing. Though, the Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS), launched back in 2012 for issuance of pan-India FSSAI/FOSCOS Licences and Registration is a more technically upgraded version than FLRS. It makes the FSSAI/FOSCOS registration process easier and more user-friendly.

    For all food-related business like manufacturers, traders, restaurants, small eateries, importers, retailers, dairy farm and others, the FSSAI/FOSCOS registration and the 14-digit FSSAI/FOSCOS license number is mandatory. You need to submit essential documents of your Restaurant at the time of applying like:

  1. It increases clientele for your business, as consumers have become extra cautious about food intake. Even before purchasing any goods, they check for an FSSAI/FOSCOS logo.

  2. Even if you don't have extended hours to sit to fill up the lengthy paperwork, you can request FSSAI/FOSCOS accreditation. By following FSSAI/FOSCOS registration regulations, you can successfully run your business along with experiencing personal satisfaction.
  3. To secure a dominant market position and strengthen your business or corporate image, you should proudly display your license on your goods.


  •   The restaurant name/company name
  •  Copy of your identification proofs like PAN card, passport, driving license, or Aadhar card
  •   Latest Bank account statement
  •   Address proof - latest utility bill, utility bill with consent if it is in the name of any family member
  •   Food safety management strategy
  •   List of food products to be manufactured/processed/traded
  •   Rent agreement if it is a rented property
  •   Photo (Individual/Proprietor/Partner/Director) with signed specimen signature
  •   Email id and mobile number

Champion your dreams and overcome your struggle with our expert's bespoke lead generation strategy and be ahead of time with guidance from the best food license registration provider in India. Visit Indian Salahkar for a customized plan of action and schemes for the license certificate. We deal with challenging procedures efficiently and solve lengthy paperwork with hassle-free techniques for you to apply for registration. Indian Salahkar stands out as the best business advisory team in India for its unique and precise guidance tips to its customers and for providing a panel of talented Chartered Accountants to assist with a minute detailing of information in the official procedures.

Let your Restaurant shine with more STARS and an FSSAI/FOSCOS logo.


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