Get ISO TRADEMARK Registration Done By The Best Business Advisory Firm in India- The Expert’s Insights

Get ISO TRADEMARK Registration Done By The Best Business Advisory Firm in India- The Expert’s Insights

Get ISO TRADEMARK Registration Done By The Best Business Advisory Firm in India- The Expert’s Insights

Are you looking for a professional accounting service in India for ISO & TRADEMARK registration? Well, you have reached the right place, welcome to Indian Salahkar, one of the best Business Advisory Firm in India. A global acknowledgement certification for any product or service is an essential and primary requirement to stabilize its credibility. ISO is a globally accepted and appreciated certification to measure the parameters and standards of an organisation or institution. Trademark registration is a branding of your company. Slogans, logos, graphics, colours or anything that gives a unique identity to your organisation is a Trademark. Trademark registration is required to protect these distinctive features so that you can own its entitlement. For instance, when you name your child, you create an identity for him and society. Likewise, when you name your brand its identity is created in the market. It increases a brand's market value and growth in business. From a marketing and advertisement perspective, it enhances value, worth, credibility, and popularity.

Why does your organisation need an ISO certification?

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification is a hallmark of quality and credibility for any organisation. To achieve international quality recognition in measuring the standards of a company's ethical ground to technical ground, ISO certification is a must to ensure the worthiness of a system. It is not only an asset to an organisation but ensures the right decision-making and other qualitative approaches that make a company grandstand with progress.

Types of ISO Registration:


There are two categories in (OH&S) section. The first one is OHSAS (OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY ASSESSMENT SERIES) which is basically a procedure-based guideline. It manages OH&S hazards and other internal issues. It only concentrates on the risks, not opportunities or other dynamic issues. The second one is ISO 45001 which is a single framework for organisations that wish to improve their OH&S performance. It mainly focuses on risks and opportunities. It is process based and covers all dynamic causes. Our expert panel will assist you to step by step follow-up while filing for registration and explain important information issued by the Government.


It is a service management system standard. There are specific requirements of a service provider to improve a Service Management Service which include the design, transition, delivery and improvement of all essential services in the management processes.

3. ISO 22000: 2018 - FOOD SAFETY

This ISO certification is a process designed to emphasize the improvements in the quality of food organizations by identifying, evaluating and controlling food safety risks such as physical, chemical, microbiological and other hazards in food production. It circulates a generic document to all organizations in the food chain, irrespective of size and complexity.


This abstract is based on the requirements of the quality management system in an organisation. The QMS attributes techniques, resources, assets and cultural values that strengthens the focus on purchaser delight and organizational efficiency. Get your ISO certifications done in a hassle-free procedure. Indian Salahkar stands out to be the best business accounting firm in India for its easy and quick services and facilities.

5.ISO 14001: 2015 - ENVIRONMENT

It is a systematic framework that monitors the direct and long-term impact of any company's products and processes on the environment. It helps in the successful monitoring and managing of essential aspects like emissions, waste management, natural resource use and energy efficiency.


To monitor any organisation's information risk management processes ISMS framework policies are required. It deals with all the legal, physical and technical aspects.


It deals significantly with the quality management system of any hospital or medical enterprise. It demonstrates the ability to provide medical devices and related services that include the design, development, production and servicing of a medical device.


  •  Firm Name And Registered address of the firm
  •  Business activities of the firm
  •  Copy of PAN, COI and MOA (if Company)
  •  Copy of One legal Document from the following:
  •  GST certificate
  •  FSSAI certificate
  •  MSME certificate
  •  Two copies of sales/purchase bill


Types Of Trademark Registration:

1. Product Mark

A product mark is applied to goods or products. It preserves the identity and reputation of the product and its organisation. Trademark registration that is filed under 1-34 is known as product marks.

2. Service Mark

It is very much similar to the product mark but it deals with the features of a service. If the product mark is a procedure then the service mark is a process. And it comes under 35-45 which is classified as a service mark.

3. Shape Mark

To represent a group or unique characteristics of the product collective mark registration is required. Be it an association, a public institution, or a section 8 corporation. For example - A Chartered Accountant can use the CA designation, not others.

4.Collective Mark

It is otherwise known as trade dress. Customers recognize the product easily from its shape that's why companies manufacture the products with their own trademark or shape.

5.Pattern Mark

This includes a specific design or pattern of the product. It authenticates the registered pattern and differentiates the product from others. It emphasizes goodwill and confidence.

6.Sound Mark

You must have seen a sound that comes with the logo or motion logo at the beginning or end of a commercial's visual ad. Be it a laptop or phone, the brand authorises its tune, this is called a sound mark.



  •  Aadhar Card of Individual / Director / Partner
  •  PAN Card of Individual / Director/ Partner
  •  Photo of individual / Director/ Partner
  •  Brand Logo (if any)
  •  Tag line to be used with Brand Logo , if applicable
  •  Digital Signature Of individual/Director/Partners
  •  Additional documents for private Limited/LLP/Partnership Firm/Company
  •  Certificate of incorporation
  •  Memorandum of Association and Article of Association
  •  Start up Registration certificate/ MSME certificate, If applicable

Things to remember:

  •  To avoid a mounting risk on brand equity you should renew your trademark registration every 10 years.
  •  If you have applied for trademark registration and your registration is under process you can use the  symbol with your brand name or logo. It often takes 8-9 months to  complete the registration process if subject to objection or opposition raised.
  •  If your trademark registration is completed you can use the  symbol.
  • Issuance of both Trademark Registration and ISO certification are legal documents that enhance the credibility to start a company.